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At the end of 2020, Dr. Ekaterini Dalampekou-Noel, a doctor of human medicine and license dentistry, founded the private label dr. noel, a brand of amalthea feelgood GmbH, in the picturesque Upper Bavarian artist community of Icking on the high bank of the Isar in the south of Munich. The long-time practicing Munich doctor with Greek roots has been fascinated by the scientific field of biochemistry and modern epigenetics since her youth. 

 She enthusiastically researched anti-aging theses, specialist publications and educational papers on the biological mechanisms of aging, which form the basis for a unique pro-youthing approach.

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The key to the epigenetic youth code


From pro-youthing science to organic doctor brand

The clinically tested, tailor-made organic dermocosmetics ELYSIAGE as well as the potent novel foods focus on the profound stimulation of energy metabolism through the body's own enzymatic transport mechanisms – a cellular energetic oxygen exchange for a vital, rejuvenated skin appearance and a healthy radiance that comes from deep levels.

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