How I went from a serious illness to making my longevity products.

Shortly after my cancer diagnosis and subsequent multiple surgeries, my life was in an extremely tense and hopeless situation. My two boys, still children at the time, my practice in which I felt trapped and my family were extremely difficult to cope with. The anxiety over my family and the realization of how finite and short life can be led me to look for new ways to get my old healthy and fulfilling life back.
My first port of call other than medication, were various supplements from the nutritional supplement field both taken intravenously at first, and later orally. At that time, the first study results were published from Harvard about the advances in aging research and about confirmed new substances that improved life and life expectancy. When I happened to have Professor Sinclair's Life Span in my hand, everything changed. I became obsessed with the knowledge it opened up to me. A few months later, I knew that there was only one new path for me. I decided to develop the products and novel foods that were life-saving for me and my own formulas from my new knowledge to make them available to everyone. 
The top priority of my products is that they consist of absolutely safe, natural and scientifically confirmed active substances and are without harmful additives for the human organism.

My motivation.

To pass on my expert knowledge so that we can all enjoy a healthy and vital future full of joie de vivre.

About me

At the end of 2020, Dr. Katerina Noel, a doctor of human medicine and license dentistry, founded the private label dr. noel, a brand of amalthea feelgood GmbH, in the picturesque Upper Bavarian artist community of Icking on the high bank of the Isar in the south of Munich. The long-time practicing Munich doctor with Greek roots has been fascinated by the scientific field of biochemistry and modern epigenetics since her youth. 

The number of chronic and life-threatening diseases seems to be increasing more and more. New approaches are necessary to successfully combat these. Based on recent studies and findings from epigenetics, we know that we can positively influence the aging process through various mechanisms of cell metabolism. In addition to a healthy lifestyle and plenty of exercise, we need supplementation with active ingredients that return our cells to a vital mode. Because only a vital efficient body is able to fight these dangers from the inside and to be healthy in the long run.

The key to the epigenetic youth code


From pro-youthing science to organic doctor brand

The clinically tested, tailor-made organic dermocosmetics ELYSIAGE as well as the potent novel foods focus on the profound stimulation of energy metabolism through the body's own enzymatic transport mechanisms – a cellular energetic oxygen exchange for a vital, rejuvenated skin appearance and a healthy radiance that comes from deep levels.

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