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Discover the secret to youthful, radiant skin with Longevity Skincare & Novel Foods. Our cosmetics portal is your one-stop-shop for all things skincare and health. Be inspired by our wide range of anti-aging products and embark on an exciting journey to unlocking the epigenetic youth code. Get ready to be beautifully transformed with Longevity Skincare & Novel Foods.

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New. dermatest certified.

Our dermatologist-approved formula, featuring NMN, bakuchiol, and more, has been certified "very good" by Dermatest and awarded the clinical 5-star quality seal. Achieve a youthful, lifted appearance with ELYSIAGE THE CREAM - the ultimate choice in skincare health and cosmetics. 
Try it and see the difference!

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Unleash the power of natural beauty with Dr. Noel - the trusted brand founded by Munich physician Dr. Ekaterini Dalampekou-Noel. Our pro-youthing cosmetics, supplements, and novel foods are specially formulated for the demanding skin. At Dr. Noel, we prioritize purity and potency in all of our products, using clinically tested, high-dose power active ingredients from biogenetic anti-aging medicine. Achieve the ultimate inner and outer beauty with the natural, scientifically-backed solutions offered by Dr. Noel.

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Longevity Skincare that makes you happy


Pro-Youthing Glow


Achieve youthful, radiant skin and a boost of happiness with our bioactive Longevity Skincare collection. Our specially formulated dermocosmetic skincare products are designed to provide deep nourishment for a visibly rejuvenated appearance and healthy radiance. Experience the ultimate in beauty and skincare with Longevity Skincare collection, that not only takes care of your skin but also makes you happy.

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New Launch: Novel Food!


We are excited about the new launch of our innovative novel food LIFE+ HEALTH, a revolutionary anti-aging booster from epigenetic research.

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"The packaging in pink, orange and white alone ensures a good mood. THE CREAM is wonderfully soft and leaves a fresh, firming feeling on the skin."

"Dr. Noel, a thousand thanks for the wonderful serum Elysiage! I am excited! It's very rich, the face immediately feels wonderfully pampered and nourished. Just great!"

"I bought THE SERUM a few weeks ago and I'm happy. My reddened and often restless skin looks more even and plump." 

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